Conference of the Physiological Society named after I.P. Pavlov

Topics of Conference of the Physiological Society named after I.P. Pavlov
- Neurophysiology of cognitive functions in humans: consciousness, perception, memory, intelligence, sleep

- Neurobiology of cognitive functions in animals: learning, memory, cellular and molecular mechanisms of plasticity

- Brain-computer neurointerfaces: basic and applied research

- New approaches and challenges in the study of higher brain functions: methods and unsolved problems

- Physico-mathematical approaches to the study of the structure and functioning of the brain

Physiological Society named by I.P. Pavlov – one of the oldest and known scientific societies in Russia. In 2017 a 100th anniversary of its foundation was celebrated. First meeting of the Society took place in April, 1917 in St. Petersburg, and it was named I.M. Sechenov Russian Physiological Society. During 100 years that passed the Physiological Society became one of the most respected between scientific communities. A big part of the respect is due to Presidents of the Society, all of them outstanding personalities. The first founding President was I.P. Pavlov (1917-1936). For many years L.A. Orbeli inspired Russian physiologists (1937-1950, and 1956-1958). Without any doubt, a huge contribution was made by O.G. Gazenko who was able to rule the Society from 1983 till 2004, through the worse time for science in Russia. In 1993 O.G. Gazenko held a Congress and reinstated the Society in new Russia.

The most important events in the life of Society arer its Congresses, held once in 3-4 years. XXIII Congress took place in Voronezh on the base of Voronezh State Medical University with about 1500 of participants. Next Congress is planned to take place in Nizhni Novgorod in 2021.

For now I.P. Pavlov Physiological Society have 58 regional branches, an Association of South Russia branches is active.
Submission Requirements
Requirements for paper submission to the conference of the Physiological Society named after I.P. Pavlova agree with the Procedure for paper submission to the XXIII Congress. An article will be indexed in the RISC.

After reviewing the abstracts, some authors will be asked to prepare an extended (6-8 pages) English version for subsequent publication in the Springer proceedings (indexed in SCOPUS).

Submission will be through the EasyChair conference management system –

Important Dates
June, 30 - Submission deadline
July, 26 - Acceptance and Reviewer feedback
July, 31 - Camera-ready Submission

Submit report (s) in Easychair of the I National Congress

For preparation of the final versions of paper, you can contact the Scientific Secretary of the Russian Physiological Society, Latanov Alexander Vasilievich

Phone: +7 (495) 939-28-37
Physiological Society named after I.P. Pavlov
Year of foundation
Regional branches
Main goals
- consolidation of specialists in the field of neurophysiology

- assistance in the implementation of the most promising projects in the field of neurobiology

- protection of the legal rights and interests of members of the Physiological Society named after I.P. Pavlova

- development of international cooperation in the field of neurobiology
of the Physiological Society named after I.P. Pavlov
Ostrovsky Mikhail Arkadevich
RPS President
academician of RAS
Ugryumov Mikhail Veniaminovich
RPS Vice President
academician of RAS
Zefirov Andrey Lvovich
RPS Vice President
academician of RAS
Balaban Pavel Miloslavovich
RPS Vice President
Corresponding Member of RAS
Latanov Alexander Vasilievich
RPS Scientific Secretary
professor, head Department of Higher Nervous Activity, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University

Phone: +7 (495) 939-28-37;