International Conference on Cognitive Sciences

Topics of Intercognsci-2020
- A systems approach in cognitive research

- The evolution of knowledge

- Neurophysiology of cognitive processes

- Neuro-linguistics

- Language, speech and communication

- Sensory-perceptual processes

- Attention and consciousness

- Memory and learning

- Thinking and intelligence

- Cognitive processes and emotions

- Cross-cultural research

- Cognitive development and cognitive aging

- Neuromathematics

- Cognitive technology
Previous Conferences on Cognitive Science were held in Kazan' (2004), St. Petersburg (2006), Moscow (2008), Tomsk (2010), Kaliningrad (2012, 2014), Svetlogorsk (2016, 2018).

The conference is intended as a multidisciplinary forum for scientists exploring cognition and its evolution, intellect, thinking, perception, consciousness, knowledge representation and acquisition, language as a means of cognition and communication, brain mechanisms of cognition, emotion and higher forms of behavior. Psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists, computer scientists, philosophers, anthropologists, specialists in education, artificial intelligence, neuroinformatics and cognitive ergonomics, as well as other researchers interested in interdisciplinary research on cognition, participate in the conference.
Submission Requirements
Submission will be through the EasyChair conference management system –

Important Dates
April, 15 April, 30 June, 30 - Submission deadline
July, 05 July, 19 July, 26 - Acceptance and Reviewer feedback
July, 20 July, 31 - Camera-ready Submission

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in Easychair of the I National Congress

Questions on the organization of the conference can be asked to the scientific secretary of IACS Ivan Rusak,
The Interregional Association for Cognitive Studies
Main goals
- Support for domestic cognitive research and practical applications

- International cooperation in cognitive science

- Protect of rights and interests of association members

Ushakov Vadim L.
President of IACS
leading researcher of National Research Centre Kurchatov Institute, docent, PhD in Biophysics
Kireev Maksim V.
President-elect of IACS
lab head, senior researcher of N. P. Bechtereva Institute of the Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor, Dr.Sc. (Biology)
Krylov Andrey K.
director of IACS
senior researcher of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. in Psychology

Rusak Ivan
Scientific Secretary of IACS
Official web-site of IACS