XXII International Conference

Topics of Neuroinformatics
- Neurobiology and Neurobionics

- Neurosciences and "Brain-Computer" Interface

- Neural Networks and Cognitive Sciences

- Neural Network Paradigms and Architectures

- Applied Neural Network Systems

- Adaptive Behavior and Evolutionary Modeling

- Neuromorphic Calculations and Deep Learning
The international conference "Neuroinformatics" is the annual multidisciplinary scientific forum dedicated to the theory and applications of artificial neural networks, the problems of Neuroscience and Biophysics systems, adaptive behavior and cognitive researches. The scope is wide, ranging from theory of artificial neural networks, machine learning algorithms and evolutionary programming to neuroimaging and neurobiology.

The conference program includes plenary session, basic and poster sessions, workshops on the state-of-the-art of neuroinformatics and round-table discussions.

The conference includes the contest for the best young scientists' papers and the contest for the best solution of the partner company's task by youth teams
Submission Requirements
Requirements for paper submission to the international conference "Neuroinformatics 2020" are contained in the "Call for papers" section of the official website .

An article may be submitted:
- in Russian (Conference Proceedings Author's Guide, will be indexed in RISC),
- in English (publication requirements for Springer, will be indexed in SCOPUS).

Authors should pay particular attention to the ethics of scientific publications.

Instructions for submitting a paper in the EasyChair system.

For preparation of the final versions of paper, you can contact the Scientific Secretary of the conference, Beskhlebnova Galina Aleksandrovna, tel.: 8 (499) 124-80-42, e-mail: secretary@neuroinfo.ru
Important Dates
April, 15 April, 30 May, 15 - Submission deadline
June, 20 - Acceptance and Reviewer feedback
June, 30 - Camera-ready Submission

Submit report (s) for Neuroinformatics-2020
in Easychair of the I National Congress

For preparation of the final versions of paper, you can contact the Scientific Secretary of the conference, Beskhlebnova Galina Aleksandrovna,
tel.: 8 (499) 124-80-42, e-mail: secretary@neuroinfo.ru
Official web-site of Neuroinformatics-2020
Russian Neural Networks Society
Main goals
RNNS organizes annual congresses of the Society and conferences in Moscow and other locations in Russian Federation.
of the Russian Neural Networks Society
Sergei A. Shumsky
President , member of Coordinating Council
MIPT, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Boris V. Kryzhanovsky
the chair of the Coordinating Council
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, SRISA RAS, Moscow, Russia
Witali L. Dunin-Barkowski
President-Founder, member of Coordinating Council
SRISA RAS, Moscow, Russia
Yury V. Tiumentsev
Vice President
Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia
V.L. Ushakov
Vice President
Ph.D., Senior Researcher SIC "Kurchatov Institute"
M.S. Burtsev
Vice President
Ph.D., Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow
Irina A. Smirnitskaya
Scholar Secretary
SRISA RAS, Moscow, Russia
History of RNNS
The First Neural Network Society was organized by the scientists of the USSR at the Conference "Architecture of Neurocomputers" in Puschino in 1988.

In 1991 it was transformed into the Russian Neural Networks Society (RNNS).

RNNS still unites the scientists from many republics of the former Soviet Union apart of Russia.

RNNS was founded at the congress on April 18, 1991. This is an inter-regional non-profit professional organization. Its goals are the promotion of the research in the field of neuroinformatics, engineer and scientist education, and the stimulation of applied investigations in modern neural technology.

Two successful International forums on Neuroinformatics and Neurocomputing were co-sponsored by RNNS and IEEE Neural Network Council in Rostov-on-Don in 1992 and in 1995.

RNNS took part in organizing of the International Joint Conferences on Neural Networks (1999, 2001) and co-sponsored Workshop (USA-NIS Neurocomputing Opportunities Workshop) in Washington, DC (July, 1999).