on Cognitive Research, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroinformatics

Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt 32A,
Russian Academy of Sciences
October 10-16, 2020
I National Congress
About Congress
in the Russian Academy of Sciences
The Congress will unite for the first time on one platform the Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence, the Interregional Association of Cognitive Research, the Association of Neuroinformatics and the Russian Physiological Society
Conferences of the Congress
All-Russian Conference on Artificial Intelligence
International Conference on Cognitive Sciences
XXII International Scientific and Technical Conference "Neuroinformatics 2020"
Conference of the Russian Physiological Society
Other activities
School of Young Scientists
School of Young Scientists on Artificial Intelligence
Workshops and Tutorials
Workshops and tutorials from leading representatives of business, science and education
20 plenary reports of the Congress will be done by leading Russian and foreign researchers
K. Anokhin
Academician of RAS
G.S. Osipov
RAII President
W.L. Dunin-Barkowski
Founding President of the Association of Neuroinformatics
Z. Zorina
Head of the Laboratory of Physiology and Behavioral Genetics, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University
S.A. Shumsky
President of the Association of Neuroinformatics
M.A. Ostrovsky
Academician of RAS
A. Kaplan
Academician of RAS
A. Kibrik
Director of the Institute of Linguistics, RAS
October 11-16, 2020, Leninsky Prospekt 32A,
Russian Academy of Sciences
Workshops on reinforcement learning and computer vision from MIPT and FIC IU RAS
Important Dates
Submit report (s) in Easychair in accordance with requirements of the relevant conference:
- CAI-2020 requirements,
- ICCS-2020 requirements,
- Neuroinformatics-2020 requirements,
- Physio-2020 requirements

April, 15 - Submission deadline
July, 01 - Acceptance and Reviewer feedback
July, 15 - Camera-ready Submission
October 10 - 16, 2020
Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt 32A, Russian Academy of Sciences
To clarify information about the congress, contact the representatives of the organizers of the conference you are interested in:

Kuznetsov Oleg Petrovich
Email: olpkuz@yandex.ru

Email: maki.iacs@gmail.com

Beskhlebnova Galina Aleksandrovna
Phone: 8 (499) 124-80-42
Email: secretary@neuroinfo.ru

Latanov Alexander Vasilievich
Phone: +7 (495) 939-28-37
E-mail: info@neurobiology.ru, latanov@neurobiology.ru
The Congress will be held in 5 rooms of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
We advise you to arrive in advance in order to be registered
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